In a career spanning more than two decades, Ms. Mirahmadi is a subject matter expert consultant on topics such as recognizing recruitment patterns of transnational Jihadist networks, insider threat mitigation, and building public-private partnerships to prevent terrorism and mass targeted violence.        She has served in a variety of positions including as the President of a thriving non-profit organization, a visiting scholar to some of Washington DC's most prominent think tanks, and a political officer in the US Embassy in Afghanistan. As co-founder of the first evidence-based counter-radicalization program in the US,  she went on to serve as Senior Advisor to the FBI where she advanced similar programs in cities across the US.  

     Ms Mirahmadi has appeared on major media outlets such as CNN, CBS News, CSPAN, and Fox News, as well as having published numerous articles on the issues of countering the Islamist threat, preventing radicalization and building public-private partnerships for public safety.  
    She earned her Juris Doctorate from the University of Southern California Law Center  and her undergraduate degree in History from the University of California Los Angeles.    


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