Program Management & Training Services



  • Multi-Stakeholder Program Management
  • Non-Profit Governance Law
  • Subject Matter Expert Consultant in National Security
  • Law Enforcement Training
  • Federal Grant Writing
  • Fundraising
  • Political Talent Management

Multi Stakeholder Program Management

Services can include: 

*Advanced level finance, legal, and program management expertise

*Developing qualitative and quantitative assessment tools for government and privately funded programs

* In-depth research, analysis, and training in multifaceted law enforcement initiatives

*Will maximize utilization of human capital and financial resources with diverse public and private stakeholders

*Can leverage modern technology and social media to deliver exceptional programs within financial constraints set by funders

Complex Non Profit Governance Law

Services can include: 

*Serving as in-house legal counsel and senior executive for the management and administration of programs 

*Fundraising and grant writing for federal, state and private funding-- having secured millions of dollars in federal contracts and cooperative agreements

*Instituting a complex federal fiscal compliance accounting system

*Human resource responsibilities including but not limited to- structuring program assignments for staff; analyzing effectiveness of staff in achieving program objectives; coordinating internal staff duties and outcomes with external stakeholders and project deliverables to ensure overall success of collaborative programs.

Subject Matter Expert Consultant and Trainer for Law Enforcement

Having provided expert level guidance on counter-terrorism and radicalization related issues to the US government and the governments of Denmark, India, Pakistan, Egypt, Afghanistan, UAE, Canada, Singapore, Indonesia, England, and Malaysia,

services can include:

*Authoring groundbreaking research in public policy, on issues such as: improving national security against the threat of targeted violence; increasing the public’s role in community policing, better integration of the public in domestic emergency preparedness against mass casualty attacks; as well as various international approaches to reducing the threat of Islamic terrorism. 

*Operationalizing innovative multi-stakeholder public safety programs 

*Testifying before the US Senate and the US House of Representatives on issues relating to Islamic Extremism and threats to US national security

*Briefing senior US and international government officials

*Providing Subject Matter Expert training for local and federal law enforcement on implementing public-private partnerships for public safety, Islamic terrorism, and interdiction of radicalized individuals.